How to Attach

How to attach STANND to your phone or case

First, you need to decide the right spot for your STANND. We like to put the lower pivot point near the center of gravity of our phones, but you might like a different spot. To get STANND in the perfect spot for you, you can use office tape to test out different positions, but be careful to only use this method for testing. Just open STANND, and tape across the flat base onto your phone or case. You can see how it feels and easily adjust.

Some people like to put their index and middle fingers around STANND, others like to use their middle and ring fingers. This may affect where you position your STANND. If you're not sure, we recommend starting with your index and middle fingers.

Overview of Steps

  • Clean your phone or case with the included alcohol prep pad
  • Let the alcohol dry
  • Remove the adhesive backing from your STANND
  • Stick STANND to your phone
  • Press hard for about 5 seconds
  • Don't open STANND for an hour (overnight is better)

     Things you'll need

    Grab your phone, your STANND and the included alcohol prep pad.


    Open Alcohol Prep Pad



    Use the included alcohol prep pad to clean your phone or your case. Once you've cleaned, let the alcohol that remains evaporate. Don't wipe it off or you'll reverse the cleaning you just did. The alcohol will evaporate quickly.


    Adhesive Backing


    Remove Adhesive Backing

    Pull the tab to peel off the adhesive backing. Don't touch the adhesive. And once the backing is removed, go ahead and apply STANND. The adhesive can dry if left exposed to air.


    Position STANND

    If you lightly position STANND, you'll still be able to reposition if you need to. We like to center the lower pivot point of the stem.


    Press firmly for 5 seconds

    Once STANND is in the right place, press firmly for 5 seconds. Try and put pressure all over STANND.

    Now, the hard part. Waiting! Wait an hour before opening STANND. If you have the patience, waiting overnight would be even better. This allows the adhesive to form a strong bond with your case or phone.
    Once you open STANND, make sure it's stuck. The adhesive may not stick uniformly to all types of phones and case surfaces. So test before using.