About us

At STANND, we believe products are not just about adding to consumption of the latest trends. We believe product design has the ability to make our lives a little better. Not by putting features at the front of our activities, but by blending into the background. By making the use of something we DO need easier and more natural. When we need to use our phones, the last thing we should be concerned about is having them fall out of our hands. When we don’t need to use them, we want to interact with them less. That’s the idea behind STANND. From taking pictures of our kids to reading interesting content to putting our phones to the side to focus on what is most important in front of us.

STANND was created by the team at PUSH Product Design. PUSH is an industrial design firm that helps clients create breakthrough products from spinal implants to jet-skis. 

A major part of each new product design is centered around carefully considering how the human body interacts with things. Our design process starts with extensive research and then leverages the guidance of leading experts to solve problems - from learning from nurses to create advanced medical seating, to working with neurosurgeons to figure out how to create safer football helmets. 

We created STANND because we wanted a better way to interact with our phones. This product was driven by our own personal need for something better. 

Thanks for reading this far. If you purchase a STANND, we hope you enjoy. We look forward to your feedback on how you use it and how we can improve, because the design process never stops. 

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